Cadmus information

The University is continuing to explore and trial the Cadmus academic integrity software.

The University, through Cadmus may collect the following information:

  • Student ID
  • Blackboard ID
  • University email address
  • Mobile device ID
  • IP address of mobile device/computer
  • Operating system
  • Browser type.

All information is encrypted, anonymised and de-identified; meaning data is separated from these IDs when stored within Cadmus. All information stored by Cadmus is held within Amazon Web Services centres in Australia.

The University will not use Cadmus:

  • To aid or influence marking.
  • To aid or influence any applications for special consideration.
  • Launch new investigations into student behaviour.
  • To change who the burden of proof remains with – this will always remain with the University.

The University and Cadmus may use the information for the purposes of learning more about issues of authenticity and originality in assessment work by students, and to aid research in teaching and learning.

For enquiries please contact the University’s Privacy Officer.