Academic integrity

The importance of academic integrity

The University of Melbourne expects the highest ethical standards from its students and staff in all areas of their academic work and professional behaviour. The work of each individual reflects on the academic and professional standing of the University as an institution that upholds ethical practice in research, learning, and teaching. Academic work submitted for assessment or publication must be the original work of the author or authors. If the ideas or words of others have been drawn upon, this must be thoroughly and clearly acknowledged using agreed scholarly conventions Professor Richard James, Professor of Higher Education and former Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Undergraduate) and Deputy Provost

The maintenance of academic integrity involves high quality scholarly practices, the use of reputable sources of information and the full acknowledgement of the authors and creators of ideas and materials that have informed one’s work.

Ensuring academic integrity is vital to protecting the standards and esteem of The University of Melbourne’s degrees. Every student has an interest in protecting and supporting the good reputation of the University. Ethical practice in scholarly work and professional behaviour are recognised as important graduate attributes, and are an essential criterion of workplace professionalism. Academic integrity goes beyond the policing of university assessment and is part of a graduate's formation as a professional, underpinning their behaviour in the workplace, and reflecting on their personal honesty and integrity in all aspects of life.

It is important that all University of Melbourne students understand their responsibility to conduct themselves in an ethical manner in all aspects of their studies.

This website offers advice to students to support high standards of academic integrity and to highlight the nature of plagiarism - the copying of the work of others without acknowledgement - collusion, and poor scholarship.

The University of Melbourne actively promotes academic integrity in a number of ways.

  • The Academic Board Regulation sets out the University’s definition of academic misconduct and the penalties applicable should an allegation of academic misconduct be upheld.
  • The University has a student academic integrity policy
  • Students are provided with resources, including this website, that explain in detail the standards of academic honesty that are expected. These resources are reinforced through the teaching and learning practices at Faculty, Department, and School levels, and utilised in a range of learning environments.
  • The academic integrity module (AIM) is available to all University of Melbourne students to complete in the LMS. Working through the module will take approximately 15 minutes, and includes a self-assessment quiz to help consolidate an understanding of students’ responsibilities to conduct themselves in an ethical manner in all aspects of their studies.
  • Students acknowledge that they will adhere to the terms and conditions, statutes, regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines of the University when they enrol.
  • Students consent to their work being checked for plagiarism and collusion when they enrol in a subject.
  • The University uses Turnitin text-matching software, a tool that helps to detect potential instances of plagiarism and collusion in assessment submissions.